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Welcome to the home page of the William and Mary Philosophy Club. As you may notice, this site has grown in size (and quality?) over the past two years. I will continuously update this set of pages, and I hope that many of its visitors will contribute to it. New ideas, criticism, or your own web page creations are welcome!
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Fall 97 picnic Fall 98 picnic Spring 99 group photo The Picture Page
Fall 1997 & '98 Club Picnics, Spring '99 Group Photo, and the Picture Page.

Essential 1999/2000 information about the club:

Presidents: Michael Laccheo ('01), Andreas Stargard (Dec. '99) & ??? ('0?) [spring term]
Faculty Sponsor: Prof. Brie Gertler
Contact: e-mail Andreas (259-0814), Michael, Prof. Gertler
new (Spring 2ooo) co-president: Suzan Fitzsimonds.

Current events: (Also refer to the Philosophy Club schedule or «today's event».)

** November 1999: Web page has 1000 hits! The Philosophy Club web page and schedule have over a thousand hits for the first time!

** A new web page is online now, featuring photographs of our faculty.
It's WM's Illustrated Most Wanted list. (Plus: more photos.)

** If you have accidentally been deleted from WMPHIL-L, please let Andreas know.

The club's latest Y2K news and information / schedule (including the Speaker's Series.)
(For past speakers, please refer to the old schedules of club activities, covering
fall 96 / spring 97, fall 97 / spring 98, fall 98, spring 99, and fall 99.)
For those with little time on their hands: glance directly at the next upcoming club event.
Click here for an illustrated list of our faculty, or a comprehensive list of club officers.
A page dedicated to WM Philosophy Alumni.
Here you can automically subscribe to the club's e-mail discussion group (Wmphil-L).
Some advice for future Philosophy majors.
Go to the WM Philosophy department's home page or the current course schedule.
new Club Pics.   Have you seen the photos yet?
new Here's an online article about the plants around James Blair Hall (Philosophy Phi building).
new WM News article on George Harris's new book.
If you are looking for online resources concerning philosophy,
you may find this list of related sites helpful.Phi
An article from the Washington Post on the 1998 APA meeting
(read: the analytic/continental divide).

This is the William and Mary Philosophy Club's web page, created and maintained by Andreas Stargard.
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